Write your pilot!


Writing a pilot is a big undertaking but it can be very manageable with the right process. This class focuses on giving you the tools and processes you'll need so that you can write a pilot whenever you want. 

I'm not claiming to be a pilot-writing expert or anything like that. However, I've written a bunch of pilots and I've tried to write and gotten stuck writing an even larger number of pilots. In this class, you will learn to unpack your premise, break story, outline your pilot, and tips and strategies of how to be more productive when writing and how to recognize behaviors that keep us from writing! Also, you'll get to hear your script read aloud at a table read, get great feedback for revisions, and you'll have A PILOT!

Currently enrolling these classes:
5 hour-long sessions for $400.
Whenever works for your schedule at whatever speed you want to go. 
Meet in person in Manhattan or Brooklyn or via Skype anywhere in the world!

Course also offered at the PIT Theatre.
New class dates coming soon!

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The class made writing pilots easier and, more importantly, less scary. The whole process was broken down into easy-to-understand chunks that made writing a full script less daunting.
— Eitan Levine (Elite Daily, Cheddar, Inverse, Mashable)
Matt disarms the stressful undertaking of writing a pilot. From start to finish, every step of the process feels manageable due to his approachable explanations and helpful breakdowns. As someone who had never written before, not once did I feel discouraged or overwhelmed.
— Brielle DeMirjian (Harold Night, Current Ex-Boyfriend)
Doing the work! Writing my first pilot always seemed like too big a task to even start. Got over that quick in this class. A huge part of the class is taking the time to write, which was a huge help.
— Anthony Jackson (Actor and Writer)
I had a premise I’d wanted to write for a long time and had been winging it, not knowing the actually real-writer process, which I got out of Matt’s class and I can’t overstate how helpful it was. I got a draft of my dream project out of it and it was faster/cleaner/funnier for having taken it.
— Jake Hyland (Free Agent Jokemaker)
WYP was empowering. It reminded me that at any time I’m 6 weeks away from finishing a pilot. Matt was great at holding people accountable while also giving helpful feedback every week. You never felt like you were floating without any guidance. Instead this class was easily one of the best environment’s I’ve been a part of. Matt encouraged people to not only contribute to each other’s ideas but to take ownership of their own and really take advantage of the time.
— Sam Griffel
If you want to finish a pilot, and learn the best way to do it from beginning to end, then you should take this class.
— Steph Piperis (Finisher of a Pilot)